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SAS Consultants

Shafi Consultancy Limited has a reputation of having well-trained SAS consultants trained to be the best in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether they are required for reporting clinical trial data, producing analysis datasets, performing validation, developing checks, macros and template programs, or helping with developing guidelines and training, we have the right SAS consultants for the task at hand. We even help to develop and maintain web applications.

We have a wide range of SAS consultants working for us both in the UK and in Bangladesh. Their backgrounds vary from business and economics, to computer science and statistics. Their experience also varies from graduates to those who have worked for many years in the IT industry. We also have certified staff, both in SAS and in Oracle, as well as those with experience in S-PLUS, SPSS database and R. This wide range of background in our SAS consultants allows us to have a wider perspective on the problems we need to solve and ensure the right person is assigned to each job. As a result we are able to offer a wide range of services from creating and maintaining Web Applications to producing and validating analysis datasets, tables, listings, figures and NONMEM datasets.

However, for our clients the most important thing is consistency. They need to be sure that when our consultants work with their data they will get the top quality result they expect each and every time regardless of which consultant is performing the task.

Although the background and experience ensures that the consultant assigned to a task will be the most appropriate for that particular task, to ensure consistent quality and technical expertise we train all our consultants for at least four months with continuous assessment. Only when our assessment results show that their technical skills and understanding of the data is good enough to represent our organisation are they allowed to work with client data.

We feel that this uninterrupted training period is essential to ensure all our consultants reach a consistent level of expertise, and that they have a clear understanding of the Shafi Consultancy way of working, both in terms of their approach to solving the problem and in how they set up programs and macros. This way the programs are always consistent in the way they are set up and the way they are written, which will ensure making any future updates are much quicker and easier, regardless of who is making the update.