Who are we?

Shafi Consultancy specialises in providing SAS training and SAS programming support. Our client base includes pharmaceutical companies, CROs, management consultancy firms and individuals who are interested in learning SAS.

Our Managing Director and SAS Consultants have over 20 years of experience in working with clinical trial data. We have reported data from phase I to phase IV studies, registry studies and mega trials in many therapeutic areas, including respiratory and oncology.

Our mission

Our mission is to help you become the best SAS programmer you can be, following good programming practices and developing code that is efficient to run and easy to maintain over time.

Our programming techniques follow the best practices in programming, developed over decades of working in various environments. By following our methods, you will be able to merge, manipulate and transform data from one structure to another, and produce tables, listings and figures for all your reporting requirements; and should those requirements change, which they often do, then you will be best placed to update your programs with the minimum of effort.

Company profile

We are a team of SAS programmers with more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. We have worked with large pharmaceutical companies, with CRO's, with phase I centres and with medical devices companies. We have reported large dynamic registry databases, mega trials, ISS, standard clinical trials, and produced NONMEM and WinNonLin specific datasets required for population PK analysis.

We take pride in our work, ensuring we follow good programming practices. We appreciate all that is possible with SAS, and recognise not everything is required for the many tasks we need to do. We therefore provide a training course structured towards the needs of the individual industries. This ensures the participants learn what they will need for their day-to-day activities and which will then have a greater impact on their productivity.

Our online training modules are there to provide specific support as and when needed, and sometimes when it's good to just have an expert look over a program, time with our expert programmers can be booked on an hourly basis. If there is a group that requires training, then we discuss and prepare a bespoke training program that meets your exact needs.

Our dynamic structure allows us to be flexible to meet the various needs of our clients, and our varied experience ensures the advice and service we provide is the best in the industry. Most of our work is repeat business, demonstrating our commitment to clients, and their confidence in us producing the deliverables on time and to a high standard.