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"I embarked upon a career change despite being an engineer in the aerospace industry for 8 years.Shafi Consultancy has provided me with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to be a SAS programmer within a CRO and also within pharma. All this would not have been possible without their friendly but thorough help. I would recommend Shafi Consultancy without hesitation in getting one step ahead of the competition."

Henry Man


"Before I start telling my experience with SAS let me assure you one thing - anyone can become SAS programmer! You don't need to have genius brain or you don't need to be a geek, all you need to have is a keen interest in exploring data and working with data. And if my statement does not satisfy your mind then take me an as example. I did my degree in Marketing and my knowledge with computers was only limited to creating documents and surfing the net but today I am working as a Senior SAS Programmer and I did not have a solid I.T background or any programming experience at all.

So if you think you got the kind of mindset which loves to explore data then SAS is a great tool to learn to let you do what you want to do and here Shafi Consultancy Ltd. comes to help you. Shafi Consultancy Ltd. has a unique way of developing SAS programmers and the great thing about Shafi Consultancy Ltd. is that they don't just teach you syntax to write SAS code, they actually develop you as an outstanding SAS Programmer who is ready for work in real life just after completing the comprehensive training. A great number of SAS Programmers are now working successfully in the pharmaceutical industry and in many other organizations who were developed by Shafi Consultancy Ltd. and I am glad to say that I am one of them.
At the end I would just say that if you really want to be a good Clinical SAS Programmer who actually understands the data and who can actually think like a programmer then Shafi Consultancy Ltd. is great place to get your training and I am sure you would not be disappointed with your decision. All the best! "

Rafi Rahi


"Having been a qualified Architect for many years, I returned to university to read Nutrition Sciences; and it was here that I gained a strong interest in clinical research and data analysis.  Through a suggestion, I contacted Shafi Consultancy Ltd. who provided me, not only with a comprehensive schedule of SAS training, but also an excellent introduction to research within the pharmaceutical industry, including processes and good practice.  I am now employed as a junior SAS programmer, and I am aiming to build upon the strong foundations Shafi Consultancy Ltd. has provided."

Julie Burke


"I have been working with clinical trial data in one form or another for 17 years, and have used SAS one way or another in nearly every job I've had.   The only official training I had was about 15 years ago, and most of the examples were centred around the finance industry and it was difficult (or irrelevant) to apply the examples to clinical trial data.   I had to learn to use the bits of SAS I needed by experimenting with code written for existing programs, so there was never a cohesive pattern to my learning, or any comprehensive understanding of the code I was trying to write.  I cherry-picked bits of code I needed but never had the procedures or functions fully explained.

There is sporadic help online if one needs to know how to perform a certain task, but often it comes with a lot of superfluous text or assumes more knowledge than I have, which is daunting and off-putting.

Now that I have been introduced to Shafi Consultancy, I am astonished that this form of SAS training hasn't been done before now!  It is exactly what I need now as a junior programmer.  I especially like the way I can pick and choose the modules that are relevant to me, and the examples are so similar to the tasks I am actually trying to do in my job.  In the space of just a few weeks, I now properly understand the procedures and functions I need to use on a daily basis.  My life earlier in my career would have been so much easier had I received this type of training then.  I wish Shafi Consultancy had been around 15 years ago!"

Avril Lindsay


"Shafi ran a bespoke SAS training session for a small group of us to brush up on SAS skills and help transition to SAS from other packages (Stata / SPSS). The level he pitched this at was just perfect and kept us all engaged for the entire day. We were really pleased with the way he taught by using examples and was able to answer any and all questions with ease.  We will certainly be looking at the online training modules and other more tailored options as we move forward. A great service and it’s been a very positive interaction."

PRMA Consulting