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How to restrict data and create new variables 

In this training module we will cover the following topics:

 -   How to restrict data using the following SAS statements:

           -   IF statement

           -   WHERE statement

           -   KEEP statement

           -   DROP statement

      -   How to create character and numeric variables

      -   How to assign a length to our variables using the LENGTH statement

      -   What missing character and numeric values look like in our datasets

In this training module we will learn how to use SAS statements to create a dataset showing only the information or records that we want to see. By using SAS statements we will see how we can restrict data and bring in specific data in to our datasets. We will be looking at the IF, WHERE, KEEP and DROP statements and see how they can help us to do this. We will also learn how to create character and numeric variables, how to assign them a length and see what the data looks like in our dataset when a character or numeric value is missing.



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