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On-site SAS training

Here at Shafi Consultancy we are very proud of the on-site training we provide to our clients. We follow a process to understand the requirements of our clients, and where necessary we assess the requirements, and then discuss this with management before providing the bespoke training solution to meet the goals.

Whether you need training for individuals, small teams or a whole department, our experience in providing training to individual programmers to more than 50 at a time means we know what it takes to meet your goals.

We know its not easy to find time to train everyone at the same time, so we aim to solve your training needs in the most efficient manner, one that disrupts your team the least. Whether this means completing a training course by providing a 2 hours session each week for four weeks, or by providing the same training over many days to different groups, we go the extra mile to provide training with the least disruption.

From basic SAS training to teaching how to produce complex analysis datasets and reports, our experience will ensure you and your team learn all that you wanted and more.

Let us discuss your goals and how to achieve them.

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